Water Soluble Compositions (PTY)LTD RANGE of Exposure (1)

Rang of Exposure

Drip irrigation and pivot irrigation are commonly used farming techniques that conserve water and ensure efficient use of resources. Hydroponics is another innovative method of growing plants without soil, which is gaining popularity due to its high yields and minimal water usage. Fertigation is the process of combining fertilization and irrigation. This allows for precise application of nutrients to plants. Additionally, coating of NPK and MAP with micronutrients like Zn, B, Fe, Cu, and Mn can enhance the efficacy of fertilizers and improve crop yields.

These technologies have diverse applications beyond agriculture, including the pharmaceutical and animal feed industries. Our patented technology enables us to create up to 20 micronutrient combinations. These can be customized according to specific fertilizer needs. We have used a combination of 0.5% Zn + 0.5% B / 1% Zn, 1%B as a coating for specialized fertilizer. This results in increased nutrient uptake and improved plant growth. Our composition contains essential micronutrients like Zn, B, Fe, Cu, and Mn, which are crucial for plant health and can promote crop resilience in adverse environmental conditions.

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