A range of products containing more than one micronutrient is required by farmers.

Zinc at the top of the list, is the micronutrient with the widest range of deficiency. International research proved that the highest yield increase will be achieved by first solving zinc deficiencies.

Stumbling blocks encountered by the Industry are as follows:

  • One of the short comings is the lack of technical co-ordination and research.
  • Technical sales and services must be improved by the micronutrient industry such as soil sampling and recommendations to ensure most cost effective solutions for all farmers.
  • A strategic interest in under emphasising the importance of micronutrients by certain parties.
  • Understanding the cost effectiveness of products. In the past, advisers recommended products such as chelates which gave the optimal solution, but failed to be cost effective. Chelates can be up to 10 times more costly than other water soluble products such as Sulphates.
  • The Industry has a responsibility to supply farmers with less expensive, but more effective products that is 100% water soluble.
  • Confusion around the suggested micronutrient levels.
  • The Industry must make farmers aware of buying quality products from established suppliers to prevent using products that is contaminated and of a lower grade.

Three factors that control the correct application rate of Micronutrients:

  • The micronutrient soil level before planting.
  • The rate of leaching and the speed it moves through the soil.
  • The degree of Micronutrient uptake by the plant. The degree of uptake is the least important of the 3 factors. Leaching is in the same situation much more than utilisation by the plant and more so if the incorrect product was applied. With a soil micronutrient analysis, the correct recommendation can be made by the farmers advisor.

The problems encountered by farmers in applying micronutrients with granular fertilizers can be solved with compound products which they can apply with all micronutrients in on single application.

We made a major technological breakthrough by developing a product that consists of six 100% fully water soluble micronutrients that can be coated onto granular fertiliser or seed.

Not enough farmers insist that micronutrients are included in soil analysis.